Keketuohai Geopark is located in the northeast in Fuyun County of Altay Prefecture in Xinjiang, with 33 km away from Fuyun county town. The Geopark extends from the Kaladuergen River in the north to Kalaxianger in the south;and from the Kalagezeng in the west to Kalazhuole and Tayite in the east. The altitude is 1,072-3,234 m, and the area is 2,337.90 km2. The Geopark is composed of Irtysh Scenic Area, No. 3 Ore Scenic Area, Sayihengbulake Scenic Area, Kekesuli Scenic Area and Kalaxianger Scenic Area. 

There are rich geological relic resources in the Geopark. The granite landform at the source of the Irtysh River is unique, and the mountains are mainly in such forms as campanulate, quaquaversal and pyramidal,with the exposed bedrock and the extremely high cliff. For the surface form of the mountain, the top is round and smooth, and the side face is steep.
For the granite pegmatite rare metal ore vein, with the No. 3 ore vein as representative, whether the completeness of geochemical evolution of its pegmatite, or the width and abundance of its rare metal mineralization, or the magnificent and unique tectonic formation characteristics, etc., is rare throughout the world; the ore vein is also the basis and realistic reflection for the generation of Modern Mineral Crystallography and Granite Pegmatite Metallogeny Theory. The typical graph of the ore vein has been included in the textbook, paper and monograph of many countries.
Fuyun earthquake fault zone is a typical earthquake fault zone with dextral strike-slip property. On August 11, 1931, Fuyun 8 magnitude earthquake generated an earthquake fault zone as long as 176 km. The earthquake remains has be perfectly preserved and called as the best field museum of earthquake fault zone relics at home and abroad.
The beautiful and rich Keketuohai nurtures diligent, kind, brave and hospitable Kazak nationality. Kazaknationality has being living a nomadic life since ancient times. They engage in raising livestock for generations and live where there is water and grass, known as the "the Nationality on Horseback". In Keketuohai, the distinctive cultural and sports activities, including Horse shows, Aken playing and singing, Buzkashi (goat grabbing) and Girls chasing, constitute the main melody of traditional culture.
So to speak, it is the miraculous and mild mountains and rivers that help the Keketuohai Geopark to own differential freshness and intelligence; while it is also the wildness and legend of Kazakhs' life that leave a lot of cultural landscape for the Keketuohai Geopark. The cultural landscape witnesses the historical and cultural changes of Keketuohai and is the gem of China and the precious wealth of the world's people.

Keketuohai National Geopark
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